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    Free Frames & Mounts



    Yes that’s right….for FREE!!

    “Waste not want not” is my motto!

    For all those budding artists trying to show off their talent without breaking the bank and for all those art societies and groups who want to find a way of displaying their creative pieces, here’s a new idea…

    Plenty of our customers come in to ‘re-frame’ existing pictures in their homes and want to throw away the old ones… even though still in either fairly good or excellent condition.  It’s a waste to discard these used frames so why not recycle?

    In the Gallery you’ll find these used frames, all in varying colours and sizes, modern and tradtional styles.  Some have glass, some don’t.  But where glass needs replacing you’ll find this an inexpensive option compared to framing from new.

    Why not pop by and see what you can make use of 🙂